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Steps 4, 5 & 6

4. Rewarding appreciations

In any relationship, you need to express your appreciation to keep you top of mind. M&O dreams up unique appreciation tools designed to highlight and reflect your most important asset your customer values.

5. Impressive propositions

Many marketing specialists swear that at this stage, it's in the bag. Maybe so. If you've been asked to make a proposal, you've obviously attained a high level of respect from your potential customer, but if you propose a heap of poorly organized and irrelevant information, your chances of winning will be significantly diminished. M&O gets to the core of your message, helping you deliver a value-enriched, elegant proposition.

6. Lasting prolongations

You've reeled them in but now you've got to keep them hooked. Customer retention is key to an organization's success. This stage of communication is all about re-connecting, continuously improving and building a strong relationship with your customer by keeping in touch and nurturing the relationship.