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Toyota and Lean Communications

Toyota originated Lean thinking with a dynamic quality-driven manufacturing process that set long-term goals, eliminated waste, empowered employees and encouraged continuous improvement and learning. Toyota continues to apply Lean thinking for one purpose: to achieve the highest level of customer success possible. By applying Lean customer driven principles into our communication tools, M&O has successfully bridged the gap between applying Lean on the manufacturing plant floor and communication processes. Lean Communicating makes a difference to your M&O how you Market the organization and the Operational process of communicating effectively.

The M&O difference pull instead of push

Many marketing programs adopt push-driven messaging using shallow target market research. M&O drives out the waste in the communications process before we add a creative spin to the mix. Lean communications examines what your inside customer (employees) and your external customer (clients) thinks. Gaining the right perspective eliminates assumptions and helps to produce more effective, customer-centred communication material.