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Phase 3

The six-sigma step: Applying best practices

If you could just snap your fingers and have an entourage of clients at your doorstep, life would be simple. How well you communicate depends on the tools you use during the communication process. At phase three, we are ready to apply our Lean Communication principles by putting all the new information acquired about your customer's perception into action. Having the right tool to use at the right time is a big step forward. Taking the right steps, in the right sequence, without missing any step along the way is essential to communicating successfully. At this step we apply the power of sixsigma, the & instead of the or philosophy, where you never choose between one thing or another but find a way to combine opposing thoughts & actions.

There are six essential steps to communicate effectively:

(1) Impressive introductions. (2) Compelling invitations.

(3) Solid presentations. (4) Rewarding appreciations.

(5) Impressive propositions. (6) Lasting prolongations.