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Phase 1

Internal customer value mapping

If it is worth doing it is worth testing. We test the messages that best project your corporate values to make sure your internal customers (your employees) believe they are accurate before taking them out to test them with your external customer (your clients). M&O gets to the crux of your value proposition by examining what you've been communicating. Do you need a change in messaging, imagery or design?

History will repeat itself if you let it

M&O examines all the communication tools you've used in the past. We analyze and audit your company's vision, mission, mandate, key benefits, positioning statements, core values, corporate mark, company name, slogans, letterhead, brochures, presentations, ads, forms, reports, newsletters, data sheets and website. The more information we audit the better so we can get a good idea of how well you've been communicating and decipher your company's strengths and weaknesses.